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We are a group of 5 students (3 programmers and 2 designers) enrolled on the UPC's Master of Animation, Digital Art and Video Games.

This is our project for the master that will be presented on October 2nd to the university, classmates, video games companies and other guests to complete the Master.

Hope you like it!

If you want to know more about us and contact us individually go to the page The Group.

About Us



wait for the iPhone verion that is coming soon!

It will be worth it!

Coming Soon!!!

Crazy Circus

Contact The Group

Here's where you can send us your feedback, suggestions, things you like or not, what you want to see more, etc.

Every criticism will be taken in concern and we will try to answer your requests and make your experience better and better!

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Email Us Suggestions

We are always trying to improve and make our game better for you!

Send us suggestions or your opinion and concerns about the game!

We are an open minded and young team that values every single message sent to us.

Simple To Use

Very intuitive and simple games to start and play even if you skip the instructions!

Play It When You Have Time

Short diversified games for you to play while going to work on the bus, underground or in the car if you are not the one driving!

Please don't play it while driving!

Success! Message received.

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